Think Digital Partners launched the Digital Identity for Government conference programme in May 2018 and have to date, run 7 very successful and well received events. We focus on every aspect of public sector identity, from strategy; ethos and the ethics around digital identity, delivery, innovation, combatting fraud and real-life examples of Identity programmes across government.

We form our agendas under close consultation with key digital identity leaders from across government to ensure that we cover the most important issues facing the public sector over the coming months; what are the challenges, where are the opportunities and what have we learned?

This conference will focus on several hot topics in public sector digital identity including, social inclusion, decentralised identity, the new government One Login scheme, the pensions dashboard, mobile driving licences, local government identity and international identity. The conference itself will be a hybrid event and accessible in person at our lovely Westminster venue or virtually online.

We look forward to seeing you on November 25th.

What's happening on the day? Agenda

9:25 AM – 9.30 AM:

Welcome from the chair

9:30 AM – 9:50 AM

Government Keynote

A leading government, digital identity figurehead will discuss the current state of play of digital identity for the whole economy and plans for future policy development of digital identity across the public sector as a whole.

09:50 AM - 10:20 AM

Social inclusion and government Identity services

Social inclusion and digital identity go hand-in-hand. Government's, perhaps more than any other sector need to ensure that digital services are accessible by all.

How can the tech industry help government to formulate meaningful policy around social inclusion?

How can the design of fully accessible identity for all turn citizen identity into an enabling technology?

10:20 AM - 10:40 AM

Identity in Action

This session is set aside for insight and discussion with some of the leading suppliers in digital identity product and services.

10:40 AM - 11:10 AM

Decentralised ID/SSI - Has it killed the Federated Identity model?

A look at the realities of the Self Sovereign/Decentralised (SSI) model of identity provisioning. Some of the issues covered will include:

· Do users care about data sovereignty?
· Do interoperability issues within this model need to be addressed? The panel will discuss economic and regulatory motivations, lack of conformance to specific standards or standard profiles, and incorporation of different networks in different stages of the maturity lifecycle.
· The UI/UX of self-sovereign identity including the work that IIW and others are doing in this area.
· The issues of authority in the self-sovereign model include entitlement to attributes, authority sources for verification, and so on

11:10 AM - 11:40 AM

One login and beyond. How to use government ID to digitise the UK

This panel session will discuss the procurement procedure for this project, how it can be used in government for all levels of transaction and if it could even be used in commercial transactions.

11:40 AM - 12:00 PM

Morning Break

12:00 PM - 12:20 PM

Identity Case Study

The presentation of a digital identity case study from a UK contributor.

12:20 PM - 12:50 PM

Pensions dashboard and Digital Entitlement

The Pension Dashboard has been a complex system to develop. Many people have several pensions and often need to delegate pension management. Most pension systems are manual, and paper based, authorisation for a financial advisor to act on your behalf is done on paper. How can this highly manual process be expressed in the digital world, especially if the demographic is non-digital native?

This session will explore the ways and means of making pension management and access digital and how entitlement and delegation fit into a digital identity-driven system.

12:50 PM - 13:20 PM

The Identity fit and local government services

Local government is increasingly looking how citizen services can be replicated / replaced by digital versions. How can this be done so that all citizens have equal access to these services and in a way that secure against fraud when identity document such as birth, marriage, and death certificates are used?

13:20 PM - 14:10 PM

Lunch Break

14:10 PM - 14:30 PM

Identity in Action

This session is set aside for insight and discussion with some of the leading suppliers in digital identity product and services.

14:30 PM - 15:00 PM

The Good, Bad and Ugly of mobile driving licences

ISO 18013-5 conformant mDLs (mobile driver’s licenses) are on their way. Questions that will be discussed include:

· What implications do mDLs have for privacy and security risks?
· Are UK police forces ready to process mDLs from overseas drivers?

15:00 PM - 15:20 PM

Central Government Identity case study

The presentation of a central government digital identity case study from a UK contributor.

15:20 PM - 15:50 PM

International Identity panel

This regular session looks at examples of best digital identity practice, experiences, and learnings from identity experts across Europe and beyond.

15:50 PM - 16:10 PM

Identity in Action

This session is set aside for insight and discussion with some of the leading suppliers in digital identity product and services.

16:10 PM - 16:40 PM

Future of Identity panel

We close with our regular panel session discussing what tomorrow’s identity sector might look like.

16:40 PM - 16:45 PM

Chair closes conference